Welcome to the Boston and linked New Bedford Oceanarium site

A non profit
501 3 (c) organization dedicated to bringing a world class Oceanarium to the Massachusetts SouthCoast. With 1.6 million gallons of water it will be among the largest aquariums in the world.

We also organize a number of events to increase the awareness among public regarding the environment sustainability and marine life with the financial and moral coordination of West Vancouver Realtor LLC. On distinct events, our speakers and marine researchers explain the attendees that how they can save the lives of innocent marine organisms through their small deeds.


As we are a nonprofit organization so, it is always difficult for us to conduct marine life oriented conferences, seminars and events at international level but in the mid of this July, we are going to conduct a brilliant event at the beach of Miami only due to the support of our sponsors Jogos De Carr and Jogos De Menimas. Similarly, conversations are also in process with a Canadian company that offers metrotown condos for sale to patronage our events at Canada as well. 

Registration has been launched so just come and join us in this outstanding cause. 

Sprintout, 2016